Collection of Sounds Found in the World

880 Overpass Sound:

We climbed up a ladder a few hundred feet under the 880 and listened to the resonance of the trucks rolling over the road.

Telephone Pole Songs:

I discovered something truely marvelous out in the desert: Telephone poles vibrate, and in the right circumstatnces they emit a sonorous hum. After doing some further research, I suspect that these may actually be telegraph poles, and they do not always hum.

Sierpinski Song:

This sound was produced by generating a Sierpinski Triangle and converting its line by line raster into sound.

Alpha Rhythm:

This sound was produced by generating from the Alpha Rhythm of a brain. Since the Alpha rhythm has a frequency around 10 Hz, it had to be upsampled to be audible to the human ear. This is the preliminary step to a broader project that I am envisioning involving the creation of a brain theramin to convert brainwaves into sound in real time - more on this as it develops.