Snapchat Lenses:

Lens Studio is one of the quickest, most powerful ways to prototype AR camera features. I made a number of lenses when I worked at Snapchat. Some of these are pretty silly (it is the nature of the medium), but collectively they have received over 1 million views.
You can checkout the the whole collection, or try out some of my favorites below:

Face Peeler

Uses face tracking with hand tracking interaction to let the viewer peel off their face to reveal something under their skin.

Dolly Zoom

Uses face tracking to keep the subject's head at the center of the frame (when feasible) at a fixed width. Moving the camera toward or away from the subject creates a dolly zoom effect.

Fearful Symmetry

A cat mirror - uses image segmentation ML model and a shader to reflect cats and only cats.


Uses Hand Tracking to draw a simple manicure on someone's finger nails.

Hand Turkey

Uses Hand Tracking to turn your hand into a classic grade school Thanksgiving hand turkey.

Assitive Party

Concept Lens using Face Tracking help guide a user with low vision through taking a selfie.

Spoon Warp

Uses Face Feature Tracking an a vertex shader to simulate bending a spoon with your mind.

Six Eyes

This is just wrong.

Covid Spew

Uses Mouth open detection and particle effect to simulate spraying covid everywhere.

Smoke Exhale

Uses mouth open detection and particle effect to simulate breathing smoke.

Slug Life

Uses Hand Tracking create hand tatoos - only works on one hand, but this style of lens actual got the relevant team to get two hand tracking eventually.